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LED Video Walls

Outdoor L.E.D display is made of Red, Green and Blue oval or round shape
Our modular design can be built into any size.
Weather proof cabinets are IP-65 from front and IP-45 from rear.
Software controlled contrast and brightness of upto 9000 nits overcomes
harsh lighting conditions even direct sunlight.
Outdoor L.E.D screens are suitable for long viewing distance from 15m – 100m.
Thick metal-plate coonectors and special coating process ensureslong trouble free service even in high temperatures or humid atmosphere.
Pitch: P10.66, P16, P20, P21.33, P25, P31.5, P40.


The biggest inventory of L.E.D screens available on rent.
Modular, rugged state-of-the-art cabinet designs ensure seamless and
quick installation.
Excellent cooling and circulation ensures the cooling capability of cabinet.
User can assign image data at the pixel leve, independent of panel
location, writing order or even installation angle.
For rentals both Indoor and Outdoor screens are available.
Pitch: P5, P6, P12, P16.


Savai Gandharva Music Festival Pune



Indoor L.E.D screens are Real pixels not virtual pixels.
Higher resolution compared to Outdoor screen ensures better viwing
effect for text, graphics and video.
Powerful image processing ensures colour depth at lower brightness levels.
Pitch: P4, P5, P6, P10



Infiniti Mall - Andheri Mumbai



Our modular cabinet designs are easy and quick to assemble
and disassemble. High refresh rates of 3000 give sharp clean images when shot with a video camera.
Aspect ratio is compatible to 4:3 or 16:9 based on the application.
Pitch: P4, P6, P8




Every pixel contains independently controlled Red, Green & Blue L.E.Ds
for exceptional detail and colour accuracy.
Every L.E.D on every panel is balanced for both brightness and colour
output to deliver uniform image.
Brightness and contrast control helps to adjust the video / graphics
according to the environment.
For rentals both Indoor and Outdoor screens are available.
Pitch: P5, P6, P12, P16.
Screen size : 3840 mm x 2304 mm
  : Fully automated PLC controlled Screen lifting, turn and door mechanism.
Screen rotation : 3600
Sound : In built PA system (More than 2000W) 2 channels

Live telecast

Smaller LCV


In built dish TV for live telecast possible

This vehicle enables screen to be used where
heavy vehicles are not permitted


ace screen

Mobile LED Screen TATA ACE Fully Automated
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