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  SANTA Film Lights
SANTA mini

SANTA mini is the smallest, most portable absolutely flicker-free light you can ever find. Virtually no heat output and low power consumption makes Santa-Mini very handy and durable.

Santa-mini is based on heat-free LED technology thus giving you bright yet soft light. Available in 5600o K SANTA mini-cool and 3200o K SANTA mini-warm.

Even an Infra red version of this versatile light can be ordered.

Distance 2 ft 4 ft
Light o/p 60 fc 12 fc

Car Mounting Kit
Powerfull suction grip to fix
the light even in areas that
have high levels of vibration
eg a car glass window. A ball
socket on top allows
positioning the light in any
desired angle

    Rs 7000.00        

Suction Mount Small
A lightweight suction grip
allows easy fixture of light on
glass and other smooth

    Rs 1100.00        

Mini Clamp Mount
Fix the mini with this verstile
clamp on doors table tops

    Rs 1100.00        
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